Influences on the Work of Mabel Elsworth Todd


by Pamela Matt

This book provides historical context for the online courses on the history and theory of Mabel Todd’s approach currently offered by the Thinking Body Institute. A recent course participant offered this comment on the text: “You have created a comprehensive picture of how we got here. I am so grateful. So many people will love this knowledge … as a way to understand our origins. Truly special.”

General Description

Influences on the Work of Mabel Elsworth Todd describes aspects of the history of science, education and the study of human health that shaped the character of Todd’s approach to somatic movement education.  The gradual institutionalization of the scientific method, and the advent of psychology and kinesiology/biomechanics, explain the challenges associated with validating Todd’s method.  The history of physical education, dance training and early childhood education supply background for the distinctive contributions of her protégés, Barbara Clark and Lulu Sweigard.  The evolution of physical culture, medicine and alternative healing practices provides context for Todd’s unique perspective on the nature of psychophysical balance.

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About the Author
Pamela Matt has explored Todd’s ideas for more than 45 years as a teacher and writer. Her teaching career began in the Department of Dance at Arizona State University, was enlarged by international teaching opportunities and evolved toward the creation of her own unique teaching practice called Mindful Movement®. She published A Kinesthetic Legacy: The Life and Works of Barbara Clark in 1993. In 2005, she launched the educational website, which presented an introduction to the development of the approach and a bibliography of published materials. Currently, she serves as Director of the online Thinking Body Institute ( which aims to preserve historical materials, promote global exchange and advance educational excellence in the field.

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ISBN: 978-1-881914-00-6
Publisher: Thinking Body Institute Media LLC
Publication date: 2017
Product Description: Softcover, 6 x 9
Language: English
Number of pages: 169, Index and Bibliography
Illustrations: 44 B/W portraits/photos, 4 line drawings, 3 diagrams
Price: $21.00

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