Derivative Works

Some of our publications and digital media do not have current copyright assignments or are in the public domain.  In 2015, we consulted the United States Copyright office regarding the possible official transference of the copyrights assigned to those works to the heirs of the creators or original publishers; no such reassignments had been made. With the support of members of the discipline who are aware of the goals of the Thinking Body Institute, we proceeded to prepare the historical items for republication with enhancements intended to make them more useful in the 21st century. Those improvements include converting analog audio to the MP3 format, providing new or improved indexes for locating key subject areas in texts, enhancing the quality of anatomical illustrations and designing cover art that is reminiscent of the designs used at the time of the original publication. The additions and improvements we have made to TBI Printed and Digital Media items are protected by United States copyright regulations pertaining to derivative works.