Guidelines for the Use of TBI Media Purchases

Please do not make copies of TBI Printed or Digital Media for sale or distribution. If you become aware of others who are making copies of our materials, please advise them that this practice is unethical and make the incident known to us.

Fair Use Guidelines should be observed regarding situations in which it would be beneficial to the purchaser of one of our publications to copy a very limited amount of one of the TBI Media items. Fair use of our materials can occur without our written permission as long as the following requirements are met:

  • The amount of printed or PDF text that may be copied is limited to a single paragraph or less;
  • The amount of material that may be copied from our MP3 files is restricted to the audio sample that is in place on our website.
  • The use of the excerpt is related to increasing awareness of our publications through reviews, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research.
  • The source of the copied material is completely identified in a recognized bibliographic format;
  • The permitted use will not diminish the potential sales of the publication by TBI Media.

In all other instances, questions about making copies or publishing excerpts of our material should be addressed to TBI Media (click here to Contact Us). We will respond promptly in writing with our decision or contact you for more information about your request.  Thank you for your help in upholding these guidelines and for your support of Thinking Body Institute Media.