Tips for Downloading Your Purchase Successfully

Please plan to use a desktop or laptop to receive your purchases and a reliable home or office internet connection for the downloading process. Downloading TBI Digital Media items to smart phones or tablets should not be attempted.

Various web browsers, computers and operating systems open, save and store downloaded materials differently. Please familiarize yourself with the downloading procedure and unique location of your PDF and MP3 downloads on your computer before making a TBI Digital Media purchase. If the process of downloading digital files is new to you, it may be helpful to enlist the assistance of a friend or colleague who is familiar with your equipment. It will not be possible for TBI Media to interpret the unique download procedures and storage systems of your particular computer.

Steps 8 and 9 in the TBI Shopping Guidelines describe the procedure for locating the link that will allow you to download the TBI Digital Media files you have ordered.  It is important to underscore that your download must be completed within 24 hours of your purchase.

8. IMPORTANT: At the conclusion of their payment processing, paypal return to merchant buttonPayPal will provide a brief summary of the amount of your purchase. Please be sure to click the Return to Merchant button at the bottom of that summary to be taken back to TBI Media to complete the last critical steps in finalizing your purchase.

9. When you return to TBI Media, our Thank You page will indicate your order has been processed and provide detailed documentation of your order. The titles of any Digital Media items you have purchased will appear in black boxes on this page. Click one title at a time, to start the downloading process for each of your items. This process must be completed for all your Digital Media files before you leave the Thank You page and within 24 hours of your purchase.

Please Note: Occasionally, it may be difficult to complete a large file download, particularly if you are using a less reliable internet connection. Because of the secure nature of our download file delivery system, some “download manager” programs may not be able to make repeat connections to our website if the internet connection is lost during the download process. Please contact us to let us know if you encounter a problem with this.