About Ordering

For those who may not be familiar with online shopping,  TBI Media Shopping Guidelines present detailed directions for processing an order through our system.  International Orders describes our special procedures and the additional costs associated with shipping our merchandise outside the United States.  Digital Media Information pertains to products from our store that are downloaded to your computer.   We have also included special guidelines for Educators and Library Services.  We hope this information will be useful to visitors to our website.  If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.

TBI Media Shopping Guidelines

  1. The TBI Media page displays our catalog of publications. Click the cover art or title to read a detailed description of each item or to listen to an audio sample.
  2. Use the ADD TO CART button to begin the process of ordering the items you would like to purchase.
  3. As you continue your shopping, you will see various prompts designed to help you with the process. For example, clicking the VIEW CART button will provide a summary of the items you have selected so far.
  4. When you have finished shopping, click the black PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. Fill in your billing and shipping addresses; sales tax will be added for Arizona residents. Please confirm that you are aware of the TBI Media Terms and Conditions before leaving this page. Our Free Shipping policy applies to purchases sent to addresses in the United States. Next, click the PROCEED TO PAYPAL button.
  5. Next, our store will connect you to the PayPal system for processing your payment.  PayPal provides online banking services and offers helpful protections to both buyers and sellers. If you do not have a PayPal account, all major credit cards can also be utilized by their system.
  6. When you have selected your method of payment on the PayPal web page, click the PAY NOW button.  PayPal will authorize your payment and provide a summary of your purchase.
  7. Finally, PayPal will return you to a page on the TBI Media website titled To Finalize Your Purchase. This page includes your receipt and downloading instructions for your use if your order includes digital items.

International Orders

PLEASE BE AWARE that our shopping software is limited to processing domestic purchases. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide Free Shipping for orders sent outside the United States.  Shipping charges for mailing packages to Europe, Australia, and Canada can be expensive. The chart below provides shipping charges for mailing a single copy of each of our publications to destinations outside the US.

2020 International Shipping Guide – Postage for Mailing a Single Copy (table)

Considerable savings can be realized by combining multiple copies of our books into a single shipment.  So that we may provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs associated with mailing the items you are interested in purchasing,  please click here to send us your specific request. We will respond with a summary of the shipping charges for your order and provide further instructions for processing your payment.

International customers should be aware that some countries charge duties, taxes, VAT, or tariffs on merchandise from the United States, which may delay delivery.  We are unable to advise you about those additional charges or the procedures for processing those charges in your location.  Please contact the postal service in your country to find out if you will be charged any special fees to receive your package and the processing associated with your order.

Your international financial transaction with TBI Media, including all matters related to the exchange of currencies, will be processed through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, all major credit cards can also be used by their system.

Information for Educators and Library Services

Bulk orders of our Special Editions and Books can be arranged for educational institutions and Library Services.  Please use the Contact Us form to describe the number of copies of each text that you would like to order. We will respond with wholesale discount information and shipping options.

Digital Media Information

AN MP3 FILE is a compressed audio file commonly used to store music and audiobooks.  Most computers automatically recognize MP3 files and open them in the appropriate program.  The Windows operating systems use their built-in “Media Player,” and Apple’s Mac devices utilize “iTunes,” for example.

TBI Media offers two recordings of André Bernard’s Constructive Rest Sessions in the MP3 file format.  The file sizes for Bernard’s MP3 Constructive Rest sessions are between 14 and 15 MB or Megabytes.  Download times can range from less than 2-4 minutes to 10 minutes or more depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Tips for Downloading Your Purchase Successfully

Please plan to use a desktop or laptop computer for your download and a reliable home or office internet connection for the process.

Various web browsers, computers, and operating systems open save, and store downloaded materials differently.  Please familiarize yourself with the downloading process and unique location of your MP3 downloads on your computer or another device before making a Digital Media purchase.  If the process of downloading digital files is new to you, it may be helpful to enlist the assistance of a friend or colleague who is familiar with your equipment.  It will not be possible for TBI Media to interpret the unique download procedures and storage systems of your particular computer.

Occasionally, it may be challenging to complete a large file download, particularly if you are using a less reliable internet connection or it is interrupted during the download process.  Do not hesitate to Contact Us with problems or questions about our procedures. We look forward to assisting you!