Copyright Information

Thinking Body Institute (TBI) Media offers printed and digital media items for purchase that pertain to Mabel Todd’s educational legacy. Our offerings have been prepared for educational purposes with the hope that access to the materials will help somatic movement educators and other related professions to enhance their understanding of the origins and development of Todd’s approach. TBI Media has committed significant financial resources and countless hours of work to preserve and publish these materials and make them available through an online store. Revenues from the sale of our materials are used exclusively to pay for the production and publication of additional related works in the future and to digitize and preserve significant historical background materials for the Thinking Body Institute Archive.  We sincerely appreciate the efforts of the TBI community in helping us to realize those aims.

Our publications and digital items differ in the extent to which they are officially protected by United States Copyright law.  Please read on for information about the standards and policies we would like you to observe.

Copyrighted Works
When a copyright notice appears on any TBI Printed or Digital Media item, it serves to inform the purchaser that Thinking Body Institute Media has the exclusive right to:

  • Reproduce the copyrighted work through all forms of printing, photocopying, scanning, faxing, or any other electronic means;
  • Prepare derivative works including translations, revisions, abridgments, video or audio adaptations or by any other method through which the work could be transformed;
  • Distribute copies for sale;
  • Display the work publicly;
  • Authorize individuals or companies to do any of the above.

Other Works
Some of our older publications and digital media do not have official copyright assignments or are in the public domain. The United States Copyright office was consulted in 2015 regarding the possible official reassignment of copyrights to the heirs of the creators or original publishers of these items, but no such reassignments had been made. We proceeded to prepare those items for republication, with the assurance and support of members of the discipline who are aware of the goals of the Thinking Body Institute, and the approval of those who donated items for our use. We enhanced various aspects of the original items in the effort to make them more useful for members of our community. Those improvements included converting analog audio to the MP3 format, providing new or improved indexes for locating key subject areas in texts, enhancing the quality of anatomical illustrations and designing cover art that is reminiscent of the designs used at the time of the original publication.  These additions and improvements are protected by United States copyright regulations pertaining to derivative works.

Guidelines for the Use of  TBI Media Purchases
Given the goals of TBI Media and the circumstances that have been described above, we request that you consider all of the materials published by TBI Media to be worthy of the same considerations that would be given to officially copyrighted works.  Please do not make copies of our materials for sale or distribution. If you become aware of others who are making copies of our materials, please advise them that this practice is unethical and make the incident known to us.

Fair Use Guidelines should be observed regarding situations in which it would be beneficial to the purchaser of one of our publications to copy a very limited amount of one of the TBI Media items. Fair use of our materials can occur without our written permission as long as the following requirements are met:

  • The amount of printed or PDF text that may be copied is limited to a single paragraph or less;
  • The amount of material that may be copied from our MP3 files is restricted to the audio sample that is in place on our website.
  • The purposes of the copying is related to increasing awareness of our publications through reviews, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research. 
  • The source of the copied material is completely identified in a recognized bibliographic format;
  • The permitted use will not diminish the potential sales of the publication by TBI Media.

In all other instances, questions about making copies or publishing excerpts of our material should be addressed to TBI Media (click here to Contact Us). We will respond promptly in writing with our decision or contact you for more information about your request.  Thank you for your help in upholding these guidelines and for your support of Thinking Body Institute Media.