Thinking Body Institute (TBI) Media publishes and distributes a selection of classic special editions, books, and digital media (MP3 audio files) related to the educational premise that was created by Mabel Elsworth Todd.  Please click the titles of the items shown below to read descriptions of our publications, see the product details, or listen to audio samples.  Specific information on our ordering procedures is available in About Ordering.

Special Editions

The written works of Mabel Elsworth Todd have been essential resources for individuals exploring somatic movement education for nearly a century.  The TBI Special Editions aim to provide high-quality reproductions of Todd’s original works that preserve their original character and aesthetic.  Our reprints are distinctive because of the following production methods:

  • Our cover designs replicate the book jackets or covers that Todd used for her original publications.
  • We use advanced image editing software to enhance the clarity of the anatomical plates and drawings.
  • Our typesetting techniques generate text that is crisp, clear, and easier to read than books produced with facsimile or photocopy methods.
  • The use of state of the art digital press and bindery services ensure the durability of our products.


Digital Media

TBI Collections