The Hidden You:  What you are and What to do about it


by Mabel Elsworth Todd

Mabel Elsworth Todd published The Hidden You in 1953 toward the end of her teaching career.  She restated her basic educational principles in the text and discussed the psychological, philosophical, and spiritual implications of her teaching.

General Description
In The Hidden You, Todd expanded upon the themes that she introduced in her classic text, The Thinking Body (1937). She suggested that many of the social, economic, and political strains of the post World War II era could be improved through the study of ourselves as living organisms.   She also proposed that  improving body balance relieved emotional distress and facilitated knowledge of the cosmic order.

The TBI Media Special Edition of The Hidden You includes features not seen in other reprints.  The cover art replicates the style of the original book jacket and includes Todd’s poignant description of the circumstances that led to the development of her teaching.  The Special Edition also offers a new comprehensive Index to facilitate access to topics of interest.

About the Author

Mabel Elsworth Todd (1880-1956) developed a system of education in the early 20th century to help students discover improved “postural patterns.”  Her approach was taught privately in Boston and New York as well as in the physical education departments of east coast colleges and universities.  Professional performing artists became interested in Todd’s ideas in the 1930s.   Two of her protégés, Barbara Clark and Lulu Sweigard, advanced the approach among dancers and actors in the mid-twentieth century. Their students continued to develop the teaching in the postmodern era.   Currently, the term “Ideokinesis” is the best-known title for Todd’s educational legacy.

Product Details
ISBN: 978-1-881914-03-7
Publisher:  Thinking Body Institute Media LLC
Publication Date:  Original 1953, Reprint 2019
Product Description:  Softcover, 6 x 9
Language:  English
Number of pages:  255
Number of illustrations:  3 line drawings
Index: Created in 2019
Price:  $21.50

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