Thank You for Your Order!

Your ordering process is almost complete!  Please read the instructions below to finalize your purchase.

If you have purchased TBI Digital Media files, this page will include links (black boxes labeled with the titles of the files) to use when you are ready to download your purchases.  Before you begin downloading, please be sure that you are familiar with how the process works on your equipment and where your downloaded files are stored. Since some of our digital files are quite large, it is essential that you use a desktop or laptop and a reliable internet connection for downloading TBI Digital Media items; smart-phones and tablets should not be used. Click one black box link at a time to download your items. The downloading process must be completed before you leave the Thank You page and within 24 hours of your purchase.

If your purchase was limited to TBI Printed Media items, we will process and ship your order promptly.  Feel free to save or print the documentation of your order on this page for your records.

Finally, please inform your colleagues and students about TBI Media. All proceeds from purchases will be used make additional educational resources available in the future.  Thank you for your support!

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