About Us

Thinking Body Institute (TBI) Media publishes and distributes a selection of monographs, texts, MP3 files and PDFs related to the approach to somatic movement education that was created by Mabel Elsworth Todd and then developed by her protégés and their students.  We are dedicated to providing global access to these classic materials as printed or digital media.  Our business activities are conducted exclusively through our website, https://tbi-media.org. All proceeds from purchases are used to support the activities of TBI Media and the mission of the Thinking Body Institute.

Currently, the management of the Thinking Body Institute is conducted by its Directors, Joseph and Pamela Matt. In 2016, the business activities of the Institute were defined in the Operating Agreement of the Thinking Body Institute Media LLC, which was filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission. The Directors are authorized to receive contributions, acquire and develop educational assets, conduct business affairs and administer resources in a manner that promotes the aims of the Thinking Body Institute. This includes providing funding for web design and administration, legal and accounting services, as well as computer equipment, web hosting services, learning management systems, publishing software and related supplies. The Directors perform their functions on an unpaid basis. Upon the termination of the Thinking Body Institute, all assets will be distributed to an educational or charitable institution as described in the operating agreement.