The First Principles of Body Balance


by Mabel Elsworth Todd

This short monograph was originally prepared by Mabel Todd in response to the, “many requests from her pupils and friends following a talk for the National Broadcasting Company over WEAF on the Magic of Speech Hour.” The richly illustrated text presents what Todd considered to be “the engineering principles of the human body.”

General Description
The First Principles of Body Balance by Mabel Elsworth Todd was originally published in 1934. The pamphlet was distributed informally by Todd’s Boston and New York City studio teachers and was used to illustrate the essential “weight bearing points” and “adjustments of weight” that were taught to students.  In 2017, the original text was digitized and republished as a Special Edition by Thinking Body Institute Media. Every effort was made to replicate the style of the original cover, typography and drawings.

About the Author
Mabel Elsworth Todd (1880-1956) developed a system of education called Natural Posture in the early 20th century to help students discover improved “postural patterns.” Her approach was taught privately in Boston and New York as well as in the physical education departments of east coast colleges and universities. Professional performing artists became interested in Todd’s ideas in the 1930’s.   Two of her  protégés, Barbara Clark and Lulu Sweigard, advanced the approach among dancers and actors in the mid-twentieth century. Their students continued to develop the teaching in the postmodern era. Currently, the educational legacy created by Todd is best known by the title, “Ideokinesis.”

Product Details
ISBN: 978-1-881914-02-0
Publisher: Thinking Body Institute Media LLC
Publication Date: Original 1934, Reprint 2017
Product Description: Chapbook, 5 x 6
Language: English
Number of pages: 26
Illustrations: 13 line drawings

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